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Spicing things up!

By The Madame - Monday, July 21, 2014

A blog post from Australia's favourite Sex Coach Isiah McKimmie

A great sex life is a crucial part of a happy and long-lasting relationship, but just how can you reignite that spark when things are a little flat? 


It’s a familiar dilemma for many long-term couples.  You still love each other, but you've lost ‘that spark’.  You’re not having sex very often anymore (as much as you know is healthy for a relationship) and it’s become a little ‘routine’.


You tell yourself that it’s because you’re so busy, or your relationship ‘has moved on’ from there, but actually, you worry that it will eventually cause problems and break your relationship apart.


You wonder how you can make your sex life exciting again, how you can feel like having sex more often.  You’re just not sure where to start. 


You’re here, so you’re heading in the right direction! 


You know that a great sex life is important for a relationship.  You know it can also be so enjoyable!  You know that when you’re having great sex, things between you are smoother, you feel closer and you both feel happier.


I believe that everyone deserves to have the relationship and sex life they really want - the one they know deep down is possible.  And I know with the right support and information everyone can get there. 


So do the beautiful women at Love Rouge. 


That’s why we've teamed up to offer you two valuable online programs to help you reignite passion and intimacy in your relationship. 


For a strictly limited time, we’re offering you 3 Keys to a Juicy Passionate Relationship (valued at $1,000) absolutely free.

Go here right now to grab this great offer:

The 3 Keys to a Juicy Passionate Relationship

Available FREE from now until 19 August 2014

Juicy Sexy Love Program

Enrolment open from 5 to 19 August 2014


We want you to reignite passion, to feel close and connected again and make sure that your relationship will last.  We know you deserve it.


For the past 7 years, I’ve been helping individuals and couples improve their sex lives and relationships in individual therapy, but I know that’s not going to work for everyone. 


Not everyone will feel comfortable talking to a therapist about personal details of their sex life.  And not everyone will have the time or the money to go to regular therapy sessions. That’s why I’ve put together The 3 Keys to a Juicy Passionate Relationship and Juicy Sexy Love - easy-to-follow professional advice, fun (and sexy) activities plus plenty of personal support to help you reignite your passion, rediscover your special connection and ensure your relationship stays happy and strong. 


Inject some fun and passion into your relationship. 

Warmest regards

Isiah McKimmie