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Types of Vibrators and What's Best For You

By The Madame - Thursday, December 05, 2013


If you are new to the world of vibrators and are overwhelmed by what’s out there, you are not alone! A large portion of our customers fall into this group - they want to try something new in the bedroom and just don’t know where to start.


So to help, here is a simple guide to the 4 key types of vibrators…




If you are new to pleasure toys then an external or clitoral vibrator could be perfect. They are not intimidating in size or shape - in fact they are very discreet! As the name suggest, the External / Clitoral vibrator is designed for external use – to stimulate the clitoris.


You might be surprised to learn that it has been estimated that around 75% of women require clitoral stimulation to orgasm. It’s no wonder these vibrators are a popular option!


An external vibrator is perfect to use on your own or with your partner, especially when you are in a sexual position where you don’t have any clitoral contact. It’s even a great toy to use on a man’s erogenous zones and for anal play. 

We would recommend the discreet and ergonomic pebble design of LELO’s Lily; the powerful LELO Siri 2; or the fun and playful PicoBong Finger Vibe.


If you are someone who would prefer a vibrator designed to penetrate, then you have a range of designs to suit all tastes…

Again, if you are new to pleasure toys then it may be worth starting out with a vibe on the smaller end of the scale. LELO’s Gigi 2 is one of our most popular vibes and it is designed specifically to target the G-spot. Gigi’s gentle curve and flattened head allows for stimulation of the often-elusive female G-spot, found on the front vaginal wall. Gigi’s flattened head also makes it perfect to use externally on the clitoris. Another G-spot vibe is the Picobong Moka, which is battery operated and waterproof to 1m.

If you’re looking for size, then we have a range of internal vibrators to fully satisfy. For those who aren't new to toys and aren't afraid of size, we would highly recommend the Fun Factory Big Boss. Measuring 21.7cm in length and 4cm in diameter, the Big Boss has a large, waterproof, silicone shaft and is designed to somewhat resemble a penis.

3. The RABBIT Vibrator

The distinguishable feature of the Rabbit Vibrator is that it has both an internal and external arm, for simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation. This type of vibrator is more popular for solo use, but can also be used for play with a partner.


Rabbit vibrators became hugely popular when Charlotte on Sex and The City became addicted to her rabbit vibrator in ‘that’ episode in Season 1. But, can you believe, Season 1 of SATC was filmed way back in 1998 and rabbit vibrators have come a long loong way since then!


The name of the device was derived from the design of the clitoral stimulator arm, which looked like a pair of rabbit ears. Current designs have moved away from the conspicuous bunny ear to more ergonomic, sleek designs.

Our top selling rabbit vibrators are all waterproof. The Je Joue Fifi is velvety soft and offers simultaneous stimulation with a difference – it has three vibrating pleasure points – in the shaft and in two firm yet flexible clitoris-hugging ears.


The LELO Ina 2 is a classy, sensual vibe – it is ergonomically designed for a snug fit, with powerful but silent motors in both the internal and external pleasure points offering a buzz from sensitive to intense. So it is equally good for vibrator newbies and rabbit regulars.


The PICOBONG Kaya is a great battery operated rabbit option, made from high quality body safe silicone.

Couple Vibrators

Yes, it has happened. A hands free vibrator specifically designed for use during intercourse. Since its launch in ­­­2008, the We-Vibe has been a world-wide best seller and has garnered much attention and recognition for its innovative and unique design. The We-Vibe was even featured on an episode of Oprah about Erotica!


The newest design is the We-Vibe 4 Plus which comes with an app enabling couples to connect in new, exciting ways  It' s so discreet it can live on the bedside table!


So, how does it work? There are lots of videos on the web to explain it, but simply put – it is a U-shaped design with two arms that both vibrate. The larger arm sits against the clitoris. The smaller, ribbed arm slips inside the vagina and fits snugly against the G-spot. It is ergonomically designed to stay in place, so it’s hands free. With some water based lubricant coating the internal arm, your partner can then penetrate whilst the We-Vibe is still in place inside the vagina, so that both of you experience the pleasure of the vibrations. The remote control also allows you to scroll through the different vibration settings. And it’s waterproof!


Another option for a Couple Vibrator is a vibrating cock ring. We recommend two waterproof options - LELO’s TOR2 or Je Joue’s Mio - it is super-soft, flexible and powerful. A cock ring will keep him harder for longer and provide you with intense external vibrations as you have sex. Share stronger, longer, simultaneous orgasms with your partner with this fantastic design.

Top Tips To Keep In Mind When Buying A Vibrator:


  • Take care of your vibrator and use a toy cleaning spray or wash it in warm soapy water after every use, being careful not to submerge those that aren’t waterproof.

  • It is important to practice safe sex, even when you’re alone! Be aware that the quality of your vibrator is vital – have a quick squiz at our article on phthalates for further information. But for now, know that the Ladies at Love Rouge take your health seriously and all our vibrators are Phthalate free.

  • Do NOT use silicone based lubricants with your silicone toys - you will damage the toy. Stick to water based or organic oil based lubricants. For more information on the world of lubricants visit our lubricants article.

  • If you are buying as a couple, talk to your partner - communication is the key when you first venture into the world of vibrators together.

  • Experiment. Toys can be versatile so read the instructions, watch product reviews on the web and play around with it - you never know what you will discover it can do!