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Melt - Chocolate Fondue Body Paint

Melt - Chocolate Fondue Body Paint
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Melt - Chocolate Body Fondue

Ask any women what is better than sex and the resounding answer is usually Chocolate.  So this great Fondue from cheeky lifestyle brand Booty Parlor let's you have both at the same time!  

Melt Chocolate Body Fondue is a velvelty chocolate paint made just for the body. Combine your creativity with a hint of  and friskiness with this jar of delicious body fondue.

Need some inspiration...?  Then here's our top ideas for things to go off with a bang.

Write naughty words on your lover's back and have your lover guess guess what you're writing. Or simply just doodle away to your hearts content on other tempting body parts...and lick it all off! 

Product Features:

- Delicious chocolate that's ready for frisky-fun in seconds

- Includes "paint-brush" for sexy body art

- Virtually fat-free (0.5g fat/ serving)

- 7.5oz container